Effective Project Management 8th Edition is Available Now


Your technology partner for designing, building and implementing business-driven project management environments.


To develop a robust framework for designing a project management model based on the unique project characteristics, the internal organizational culture and practices and the dynamic conditions of the relevant competitive markets.


  1. Offer a comprehensive portfolio of tools, templates and processes for managing any type project.
  2. Design a real-time continuous process improvement program.
  3. Develop metrics to measure the effect of improvement initiatives.
  4. Advance the discipline of project management.

President’s Message

It is my hope that we can build a long and fruitful relationship with every client. My intent is to become your business partner and generate exceptional business value as a contributing member of your team. Our business model has been designed for that purpose.

I recently read in the IBM CEO Report of a survey that was conducted of 1541 CEO’s from 60 countries (IBM, 2010, Capitalizing on Complexity: Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Study (GBE03297-USEN-00). My motivation comes as a direct response to the recent worldwide survey which reported that over half of the interviewed CEOs admitted that they were not prepared to support the complex and uncertain environment in which they were forced to conduct business and they didn’t know what to do about it. Furthermore 79% expect complexity to increase in the next few years.

If that isn’t a clarion call to action, I don’t know what is. This website will directly address and resolve the problems cited by the executives surveyed. My approach is practical “how to” oriented.

We are fortunate to live and work in the midst of the information age. Times could not be more exciting. Changes are taking place at a breakneck pace that challenge the most progressive of our business leaders. Creativity, courage and effectiveness are rewarded.

In such dynamic times, win-win partnerships, which allow each party to excel at that which it does best, provides a competitive advantage. EII brings to the table a wealth of project management experience and expertise – and a strong track record of helping our clients succeed. Review our capabilities and join my mailing list. I look forward to creating a valuable business partnership with your management team.


EII Engagements Feature:

EII’s Past Projects Include:

A collaborative workshop to design, develop and implement a Project Management Framework for the management of any client project.

Designing, developing and delivering a project management training curriculum to align with the client’s Project Management Framework.

Designing, implementing and maturing a Project Support Office.

Designing and implementing a Continuous Process/Practice Improvement Program.

Designing and implementing a Project Portfolio Management Process.

Designing, developing and implementing a Project Manager Position Family.

Designing, developing and implementing a Professional & Career Development Program.