BA Mathematics — University of Dallas

MS Mathematical Statistics — Southern Methodist University

PhD Mathematical Statistics — Southern Methodist University

My professional career spans nearly 50 years during which time I have established the following credentials:

Industry Capability Statement

Since 1963 my industry experience centered around project management. I predated PMI by 6 years and am self-taught. In 1963 I was assigned to the Moon Landing Project. My role was to build a simulation model to test the feasibility of powering the space shuttle with a nuclear reactor. That began a career long love affair with project management. It has been the thread that connected all of my industry projects and continued into my formation of a project management consulting practice in 1991. This year we celebrate 25 continuous years in practice.

I have written extensively on project management and business analysis having published 26 books, several monographs and articles. They are all practice-oriented but theoretically sound.

Higher Education Capability Statement

My 20+ year career in higher education administration centered around program design and curriculum modeling. As MBA Director, Associate Dean, and Dean in both private and public institutions I introduced unique marketing programs that improved enrollments beyond all reasonable expectations.

My books have been adopted in over 400 colleges and universities worldwide and I enjoy international name recognition as a result.

Current Interests

After a 20+ years of client consulting experience, I designed the Effective Complex Project Management (ECPM) Framework and published the model. At the present time I am collaborating with life science professionals in the Pharmaceutical industry to design a drug R&D version of the ECPM Framework.