The Business Analyst/Project Manager:

A New partnership for Managing Complexity and Uncertainty

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This book presents a breakthrough game plan illustrating the need for better collaboration between Project Managers and Business Analysts to maximize the delivered business value and improve the performance and success rate of every project.

At the time it was published this book presented the most comprehensive model to date on the cooperative relationship that should exist between the Project Manager and the Business Analyst. There are a few versions that the book presents. In all cases it is a collaborative partnership that leverages both the process skills of the Project Manager and the product skills of the Business Analyst. In partnership they can produce a synergistic effect. In a few cases there will be reason for one person to fill both roles. This brings into play the type of position and skill profile of the incumbent. While this may seem unusual and perhaps not workable, such combined positions are already advertised.

Key Features

  • Illustrates clear and practical advice on how to improve the performance and contribution of both roles acting in partnership to deliver business value and successful project execution.
  • How to recognize the need and combine the two positions for positive impact on the project experience.
  • Poor communications between the project manager and the client has been one of the reasonsfor project failure. The project manager and business analyst partnership is a bridge to more effective communications.
  • Defines the BA/PM position family.
  • Proposes a curriculum for the BA/PM position family

Table of Contents

  • CH01: Project Manager and Business Analyst Project Life Cycle Collaboration
  • CH02: A Generic Dual-Career- Path Model
  • CH03: Project Manager and Business Analyst Position Family
  • CH04: Project Manager and Business Analyst Skill Profiles
  • CH05: The Project Landscape
  • CH06: Integrating the Project Manager and Business Analyst into the Landscape
  • CH07: MP/BA Career and Professional Development
  • Appendix A: Skill/Proficiency-Level Matrices for the Eight PM/BA Position Levels in the Project Management Landscape
  • Appendix B: PM and BA Training Provider Courses
  • Appendix C: PM/BA Curriculum