Effective Project Management:

Traditional, Agile, Extreme, hybrid 8th Edition

EPM8e collateral materials are also now available. Most are free. They offer support for the course and a selection of additional topics for inclusion.

Global Complex Project Management:

An Integrated Adaptive Agile and PRINCE2 Lean Framework for Achieving Success

PRINCE2 and the effective complex project management environment are made for each other. Read More

Workforce & Business Development Center:

A Disruptive Innovation for Sustainable Economic Recovery

This book is a Case Study for use in EPM8e and the Project Management/Business Analysis Transformation courses. Read More

Adaptive Project Framework

Adaptive Project Framework:

Managing Complexity in the Face of Uncertainty

The complex project landscape has given rise to a flexible, adaptive and creative approach to managing any project. It is based on the project characteristics, the environment in which the project will be executed an the dynamics of the market situation. This book is the beginning of a hybrid approach to contemporary project management practices. Read More

Effective Complex Project Management:

An Adaptive Agile Framework for Delivering Business Value

This book continues the development started by the Adaptive Project Management text. It is a complete statement of project management processes and practices for the student and for the practitioner too. Read More

The World Class Project Manager:

A Professional Development Guide

The World Class Project Manager is more of a generalist than a specialist. This book introduces a model that describes the family of effective project managers. Read More

Project Management Process Improvement

The complex project management landscape is filled with unique project management approaches that can be improved while being used. This book provides a practical and effective real time improvement program for meeting those needs. Read More

Executive Guide

The complex project management landscape is filled with project management approaches that need continual executive support. That support is proactive rather than reactive and allows project managers the freedom to be flexible, adaptive and creative. This book is the guide to providing that environment. Read More

The Business Analyst/Project Manager:

A New partnership for Managing Complexity and Uncertainty

In a collaborative project management process a partnership between the project manager and the business analyst is critical to project success. This book is the only statement of how to establish that collaborative relationship. Read More