Effective Complex Project Management:

An Adaptive Agile Framework for Delivering Business Value

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Developed, refined, and validated by over 20 years of client experiences, Effective Complex Project Management offers a proven solution to managing any project that must succeed in the face of organizational complexity and market uncertainty. When applied and managed correctly, this intuitive framework and robust methodology will deliver the desired business value of programs and projects without fail.

Key Features

  • Demonstrates why program and project managers need a framework that continuously analyzes and adapts to changing conditions to be consistently successful in managing complex projects.
  • Defines the four-quadrant project landscape in order to classify Linear, Incremental, Adaptive and Extreme project management model types.
  • Presents an implementation model for defining and transitioning to an effective complex proejct management environment.
  • Defines a complex Project Support Office (PSO) and emphasizes meaningful client involvement using a Co-Manager Project Team Model to increase business value and implementation success.

Table of Contents

  • CH01: Introduction to the Adaptive Complex Project Framework
  • CH02: The Complex Project Landscape and Business Challenges
  • CH03: Overview of the Adaptive Complex Project Framework
  • CH04: Adaptive Complex Project Framework: Project Ideation Phase
  • CH05: Adaptive Complex Project Framework: Project Set-up Phase
  • CH06: Adaptive Complex Project Framework: Project Execution Phase
  • CH07: Establishing and Sustaining Meaningful Client Involvement
  • CH08: Implementing Your Adaptive Complex Project Framework
  • CH09: Frequently Asked Questions