Global Complex Project Management:

An Integrated Adaptive Agile and PRINCE2 Lean Framework for Achieving Success

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This completely unique reference, from two recognized thought leaders and developers of proven approaches within the diverse world and practice of complex project management, provides a new and innovative framework for more effectively managing complex and mission critical projects to deliver maximum business value to organizations in both the public and private sectors around the globe. The authors draw on the strengths of different schools of thought, including their own, and best practices to develop an integrated framework that is lean, agile, flexible, and adaptable to virtually any complex project.

Key Features

  • Supplies processes and practices for establishing and sustaining meaningful client involvement utilizing a new brainstorming process and a co-manager model that from a product perspective gives a client the authority and decision making responsibility equal to the typical project manager.
  • Transfers the knowledge needed to apply the decision making authority of the co-managers to maximize the probability of project success and the delivery of expected business value.
  • Designs the best fit approach to managing complexity and uncertainty that is driven totally by the characteristics of the project, its internal organizational environment and the changing external market dynamics and is aligned with the seven lean principles and principles of continuous innovation.
  • Provides a robust product-based planning process template which uses a just-in- time approach focused primarily on the quality and business value of the delivered products.
  • Discusses how to expand the role of an existing PMO to properly support the P2 Lean Framework.
  • Utilizes innovative probative swim lanes to investigate feasible ideas, and a project scope bank to facilitate good decision-making and applies lean principles throughout.
  • Includes a unique bundled lean change management process that is open, simple, and assures better decision-making with respect to analyzing, approving and prioritizing change.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Part 1: Overview
    1. Chapter 1: Introduction
    2. Chapter 2: Overview of the Effective Complex Project Management Framework
    3. Chapter 3: PRINCE2 Lean: Are you a Cook or a Chef
    4. Chapter 4: PRINCE2 Lean Project Planning
  • Part 2: P2 Lean and the Ideation Phase
    1. Part 2 Introduction
    2. Chapter 5: Preparing the Business Case
    3. Chapter 6: Creating the Project Product Description
    4. Chapter 7: Preparing for the Initiation Stage
  • Part 3: P2 Lean and the Set-up Phase
    1. Part 3 Introduction
    2. Chapter 8: Selecting the Project Core Team
    3. Chapter 9: Designing the Project Approach
    4. Chapter10: Preparing the Project Initiation Documentation
  • Part 4: P2 Lean and the Execution Phase
    1. Part 4 Introduction
    2. CH11: Preparing for the Next Stage
    3. CH12: Executing the Stage Plan
    4. CH13: Closing the Stage
    5. CH14: Closing the Project
  • Part 5: Putting It All Together
    1. Part 5 Introduction
    2. CH15: Organizational Infrastructure
    3. CH16: Benefits of the P2 LEAN Framework
  • Epilogue
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A: Reference Bibliography
    • Appendix B: Glossary