This is obviously an extreme position but hear me out before you pass judgment. Open your mind to the possibilities. If client ownership of the deliverables has been a problem or if a successful implementation of the deliverables is at risk, consider appointing the client as the Project Manager. No assumption is made about the client’s project management experience or expertise. That appointment will promote ownership and assure implementation too. The client’s reputation is at stake and they won’t accept failure. This will be disruptive of current practices but it may offer some valuable benefits too. Oddly enough this has advantages that may offset the obvious disadvantages. And there will be a learning curve for all participants. This assignment is not the default decision in all cases. The person who would have been the Project Manager will assume the role of Project Management Consultant to make sure that the client, with limited knowledge of managing projects, is kept pointed in the right direction and briefed on pending decisions. This also has long-term advantages but at the cost of the temporary short-term disadvantages. What better way could there be for having the client appreciate, sympathize with and learn how to manage the problems that arise in the conduct of effective project management?