Mannin Research

Mannin Research recruited me to consult and advise them on the implementation of the ECPM Framework in their drug discovery and development projects. The ultimate goal was to design and deploy an ECPM Pharma Framework for the management of their R&D project portfolio. The initial project is still in the EXECUTION Phase.

State of Vermont – Office of the CIO

The six major state agencies were each interested in implementing the Effective Complex Project Management (ECPM) Framework. I used the Blended Training/Consulting Workshop format to collaboratively design a customized ECPM Framework for each agency in one blended 3 day workshop. The EPMO Director rated this workshop as the best he had ever attended.

Ohio State University

Worked with an OSU Task Force to design and develop the project management methodology for the Office of the CIO. The methodology has since been accepted as the standard for the CIO. I designed and delivered a 2-day workshop to train their project managers and then designed, developed, and delivered the train-the-trainer program.


Novartis was interested in adopting my ECPM Framework into the IT projects in their R&D Division. They engaged me to deliver a three day blended format workshop to adapt my model to their environment. The workshop was offered in Cambridge, MA and Basel Switzerland. They have since adopted several components from the ECPM Framework as their standard.

Boston University Corporate Education Center

Designed, developed, and implemented a 12 course non-credit certificate program serving the evening part-time market for professionals seeking credentials in IT Project Management. The program was a sellout for most of its history.

Fairfield University BBA Business Information Technology

Designed, developed, and implemented an AACSB accredited BBA in Business Information Technology. The program was unique in that it integrally involved the business community in Upper Level business courses. It was an early adopter program for project/process driven courses team taught by 4 faculty using a student team format.


Wal-Mart issued an RFP looking for advanced PM and BA training for 750 project, program, and portfolio managers. I wrote and presented the winning proposal to them to develop a 17 day instructor-led curriculum. I designed and developed the six course program which aligned with Wal-Mart Information Systems Department processes and practices.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo issued an RFP for a 30 day instructor-led project management curriculum for 30 senior level project and program managers. I wrote the winning proposal and designed and delivered the program which aligned with existing Wells Fargo IT processes and practices. It was offered in 3 locations in six 5-day programs over a 6 month schedule.