Robert K. Wysocki: Workforce & Business Development Center:

A Disruptive Innovation for Sustainable Economic Recovery

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In the spring of 2010 over 17% of American Workers were unemployed. To that 17% add the countless others that do not have the needed technical skills to reenter the job market or have lost hope and are no longer actively searching and the actual figure rises to well above 20%. Other workers are underemployed or trying to enter the job market for the first time or to re-enter after several years of separation.

At the same time, the American Entrepreneur is facing a highly unfriendly business environment and wrestling with whether or not their business idea has any staying power. Can their idea make money for them and if so, what is the best way to make it happen? If they think they are putting themselves in harm’s way and at risk of their idea being replicated by an off-shore company, what should they do? What can they do?

For both the American Worker and Entrepreneur, their concern is for their long- term survival in this volatile and unpredictable economy. There are bewildering arrays of career directions to choose from but which ones will still be viable in two, three, or five years? Even though the economy may be rebounding there is a continuing concern for choosing a career path that offers some protection against another weak job market following upon the heels of a repeat of the economic disaster.

This book introduces a disruptive innovation that integrates the career and professional development needs of the American Worker and the business development needs of the American Entrepreneur utilizing a customized Business Incubation Center (BIC) to help them take charge and create sustainable careers and businesses. It is offered as a solution for the worker and entrepreneur to help them develop and execute a strategy to get back in the mainstream of the economy with a sustainable plan.

The target audience for this book includes educators, trainers, human resource managers, career counselors, corporate university program managers, continuing education and workforce development directors and anyone who has a need to design and implement a practical and comprehensive program for career and professional development of the entire workforce so that they are positioned to compete successfully in a technology-based world of work.